Stenan Maja

Our Story

Gunnar “Stena” Stenfors was one of the pioneers in downhill skiing in Finland. Already by the 1930s he was a ski instructor in Koli, Pallas and Sirkka (Levi). During a ski trip from Sirkka to Äkäslompolo, Gunnar came with his group to Lake Äkäslompolo. There he stopped and declared: “Here I will one day build a cottage”.

 “Here I will one day build a cottage”

Then came the war, and all building plans had to be put on ice. After the war, the thought awoke anew, and in 1947 “Fjällstugan” was completed. There he lodged groups who came to Lapland to learn ski-touring, and there are countless skiers who have visited “Stena”, “Fjällgården Stena” or “Stenan Maja” over the years…as they say here in Finland “A dear child has many names.

After Stena’s death, his wife Britta and the children Gunn-Britt and Tor-Björn continued. The buildings may have multiplied and the business has grown, but our guests still come back year after year to experience the genuine mountain skiing (ski-touring) spirit that has characterised the place since 1947. Since 2017, it is Tor-Björn “Tobi” and his family who continue to run the family business.

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