The first out of seven chalets was built in 1947. The old chalet house is nowadays the restaurant, kitchen and lodgings for the personnel. The sauna on the river was built one year later and is still in daily use. In wintertime one may swim in the cold water between hot sauna baths. Since then the Stena Lodge has been owned and operated by the same family.

Stena Lodge is situated north of the Äkäslompolo village, on a peaceful pine ridge from which opens a beautiful view on the Ylläs Mountain. The pines are of the same red colour as the squirrels which inhabit the forest. The buildings together form a circle where children can play in full safety.

Stena offers full pension and lodging for 50 people. One of the main ski trails passes Stena at the gate. The surrounding round-topped mountains (tunturi) are at a distance of 5 to 15 km and reachable by marked trails.