A short history of Stena

Gunnar Stenfors, who was called Stena among friends, was a foremost downhill skier in Finland in the 30s, who took part in Zakopane World Championship competitions in 1939. He made several excursions to the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish Lapland.

In 1937 he skied to Äkäslompolo which was not reachable by road at that time. When the group stopped to spend the night in tents north of Äkäslompolo, in a pine ridge on the turn of the little river overlooking the big mountain, he promised to his equally enthusiastic ski companions that one day there would be a ski lodge on this place, at the ridge of Äkäsjoki river.

From that time dates also the five mountain ski course which has become a popular tradition among the Stena visitors. A person in relatively good condition can reach the tops of all the five mountains during one day, but it takes some effort! There is a memorial plague for Stena on the top of the mountain Kesänki, the most beautiful and steepest of the five mountains